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Rikomagic MK06 64 Bit Quad Core 4K Mini PC

The NEW MK06 is the new updated version of the MK05 with a 64 Bit 4K capable Amlogic S905 SOC (Cortex-A53). It comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash, Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0. This makes it ideal for OEM users or those developing a cutting edge digital signage system. Click on the image for more information.

Cloudsto X86 Nano Mini Windows 8.1 PC with built in battery

It's the size of an iphone 6+ with an Intel Z3735 Baytrail CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage and 3000mAh battery, this tiny PC is perfect for portable operation and replacing desktop computers in many situations. Click on the image for more info!


The New MK80LE Octacore Mini Linux PC, now featuring Hardware Accelerated Video Playback

Yes thats right! The powerful new Allwinner A80 powered MK80LE is a full Ubuntu Mini PC that now supports hardware accelerated video playback using VLC. Click here to learn more


NEW MeeGoPad T01 Windows 8.1 HDMI Stick - Quad-Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Memory, Bluetooth

It's finaly here! Cloudsto Electronics is delighted to be able to bring you the first PC on a stick that runs Windows 8.1. The MeeGoPad T01 comes with Windows 8.1 operating system*. Simply plug the MeeGoPad into your HD TV or monitor and you will have an instant Windows 8.1 system. The Intel Bay Trail-T Quad Core (4C/4T) SoC 2W quad core processor ensures fast and efficient performance plus the 2GB of RAM makes for a very smooth operation. 
*for activation a windows license is required

Click here to learn more


The New RKM V5 RK3288 A17 Quad Core Mini PC

Five generations strong, we have defined ourselves as the leading Mini PC on a stick in the market, the latest generation features the powerful new Rockchip RK3288 SOC which delivers unrivalled performance in the most demanding applications. The V5 will deliver with ease; rich multimedia content in upto 4K resolutions, the most advanced 3D graphics in the mobile device space and the fastest compute power seen yet in this form factor. Now available with Android or Ubuntu 14.04 preinstalled. 

The New MK902 II LE RK3288 A17 Quad Core Mini Linux PC


Rikomagic MK802 - Smarten up your TV



MK802IIIS connections


Smarten up your TV

The Rikomagic MK802 is a small computer thats a little bigger than a USB flash drive, it connects to your TV via its HDMI connector and has wireless connectivity to allow connection to the internet and other wireless devices.

The Rikomagic MK802 runs the latest version of Google Android™ (Jelly Bean) which gives you access to a huge selection of apps, its a bit like turning your TV into a giant Android™ tablet!

Rikomagic can be used as a media center to play HD films on a large display, it can also be used as a games console by connecting a compatible controller and as there are literally 1000's of Applications available from the Google Play Store you are only limited by your imagination!

Rikomagic is controlled by a wireless controller, simply plug in a wireless mouse/keyboard and you can browse the web, check emails, blast some zombies, listen to music or download a movie right from the comfort of your arm chair.


Small and Powerful

The new Rikomagic Dual Core MK802IV measures just 90mm long, but depsite its small size we have managed to fit the blazingly fast RK3188 SOC inside for super snappy performance, It's the fastest device we've ever produced and it even rivals some top end tablets!

The MK802IV can be powered from a spare USB port on your TV/Display or can be used with the included mains power supply.

  rikomagic mk802IIIS  
  Gaming on the MK802IIIS  

Quad Core Graphics

Fancy gaming? The MK802IV features a Quad Core Mali Graphics Proccessor which means its finally possible to bring the most complex and graphically rich games to the big screen!

The MK802IV Quad Core is one of the fastest Android devices around, the combined power of the RK3188 SOC and Mali Graphics allow stunning performance in full HD resolutions.

The onboard hardware video decoder, DLNA and Miracast support make it easier than ever to stream just about anything to the device.


Get Connected

The MK802IV features 1 x Full Size USB Host, 1 x Micro USB (for power) and 1 x Micro USB Host (OTG).

Theres a Micro SD card slot for expanding the storage on the device. You can also plug in any removable media.

The MK802IV comes with built in WIFI, Bluetooth and 8GB of storage space.


MK802IIIS connections


All the best Apps

The MK802IV comes with the latest Android OS which includes the Google Play Store so you can have access to thousands of apps right on your TV.

MK802 Android Apps







Welcome to Cloudsto - The Worlds No.1 Mini PC Specialist

Welcome to - Home of the Rikomagic MK802 Mini PC.

Mini PC's are an exciting new product aimed at both the home entertainment markets and the IT sector which is already realising the benefits of micro sized embedded ARM computers.

Mini PC's can be used to convert any TV/Display into a "Smart" TV by providing access to the Android operating system and its many 1000's of Apps. It's a bit like turning your TV into a giant Android tablet! Mini PC's are just a bit larger than a USB flash drive and they are powered from the USB port of a TV/Display, they have WIFI connectivity to allow connection to the internet and can be controlled by plugging in a wireless keyboard/mouse.

Common uses for our Mini PC's are - Home Media Center, Smart Displays for Events, Gaming, Cloud based access terminal, Internet Browsing.

Our Mini PC's can also run the Linux operating system which means they can be used as true lightweight desktop machines or file servers. The uptake in development in this exciting new scene has been nothing short of amazing, with many users now customising both Android and Linux software to allow these devices to do carry out different tasks for different applications.

Cloudsto are specialists in Android / Linux mini PC's with over 10 years experience. We are based in the UK with offices in China and a support team ready to assist in pre-sales, technical and aftersales service.

We also own the largest Mini PC discussion forum, the Rikomagic forums where you will find a massive resource of information to support you on your Mini PC journey. Click below to view the forum now!

 Rikomagic Forum

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