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MK802IV LE Quad Core (Linux Edition) Picuntu Linux Mini PC - 8GB Flash Storage

MK802IV LE (Linux Edition) Quad Core Ubuntu/Picuntu Linux Mini PC - 8GB Flash Storage.
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Cloudsto MK802IV LE Quad Core (Linux Edition) Ubuntu/Picuntu Linux Mini PC - 8GB Flash Storage.



Our Quad Core Linux Mini PC is here!

Following the success of the the Cloudsto MK802III Linux Edition (LE) dual core, the first ever mini PCs to run Ubuntu/Picuntu Linux out of the box, we now introduce the MK802IV LE, a truly desktop class Mini Linux PC.

The Cloudsto MK802IV LE is a tiny computer which runs Ubuntu Linux and is a little bigger than a highlighter pen! At the heart of this tiny device is a powerful 1.6Ghz Quad-Core Cortex A9 ARM processor for blazing performance in all applications.

This Mini Linux PC connects to any HDMI or DVI compatible screen to provide a true 1080p multimedia digital display and a user experience similar to that of a desktop PC. 

The Cloudsto MK802IV LE Mini Linux ARM PC has 2GB of RAM, built in Wifi, 3 x USB ports, Fast onboard flash storage and runs the Ubuntu desktop OS at full speed. Now it really is possible to browse the internet, read email, manage files, edit photos, make documents, make music and even watch TV in true desktop style using a PC which fits in the palm of your hand!


For OEM and bulk order enquiries please contact us for competitive pricing directly from China.


MK802IV LE is ideal for a wide range of applications; 

  • Replacing large power hungry and expensive desktop computers in business environments
  • Digital signage applications
  • Web Kiosk
  • Thin Client
  • Server (runs full Ubuntu to allow complete configuration for all server needs)
  • Development platform for users involved in embedded solutions and researching fast ARM platforms
  • As a client for many other applications and tasks, freeing up the need for using a dedicated desktop machine for the job in hand

This platform also offers the following advantages;

  • Boots up in seconds
  • Very low power consumption (2-5 Watts under normal load)
  • Tiny form factor
  • Completely solid state (no moving parts)
  • Runs industry standard Linux distribution Ubuntu
  • Easy to deploy (firmware can be flashed by PC)
  • Low cost compared to WinTel boxes
  • No software licenses to worry about


Demonstration Videos



CPU - Rockchip RK3188 Quad Core (Cortex A9 Quad Core upto 1.6GHz)

GPU - Mali 400 Supports Open GL ES 1.1 and 2.0 (Linux support available in Ubuntu 12.04) 

Memory (RAM) - 2GB

Internal Storage - 8GB Internal NAND FLASH with Ubuntu preinstalled

External Storage - Micro SD Card Slot

System - Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) Full Ubuntu OS with access to many apps from Ubuntu software center.

Networking - Wifi 802.11b/g/n

Video - HDMI up to 1920x1080p

Audio - HDMI or External USB Sound Device (not included)

USB - 1 x Full Size USB Host, 2 x Micro USB (for powering device and recovery)

Other Hardware Features - PMU (for complete software shutdown), Easily accessible recovery switch.

Power - 5V USB <2 Amps


Package Contents

MK802IV LE 8GB (Linux Edition)

Micro USB - Standard USB Power cable

HDMI Female - HDMI Male extension cable

2A Mains USB Power supply with country specific adapter.


For more information about integrating this exciting technology into your application please contact one of our team.

Please click here to see more information about our Linux Mini PC's

ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM THE FACTORY IN CHINA and typically arrive within 5 working days, this is a trackable service and tracking numbers will be provided upon request. Please note these products do not include VAT, and are sold as Tax Free Purchases. Please note that with these items Tax, Import Duty and any shipping Administration Fees may be due payable by you upon entering your country. Any costs levied by your customs are due payable by you. Any additional administration costs levied by the shipping courier are due payable by you. (see our full terms and conditions section for more information)


Please note this product is intended for developers and early adopters of ARM Linux platforms, many of the features are still under development so certain things might not behave as expected! This device does not support full hardware accelerated video playback, however up to 720p video playback is possible due to the high performance CPU cores which allow software decoding and playback. Development is happening on a daily basis and we openly invite users to get on board to help with improving this affordable, open source computer platform. Please join our forum at to keep updated on the latest developments.


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